Truly’s designer life series | Part 1

Jun 23, 2022 | Design Room, Our Boutique

PART 1 | An Introduction to Truly Sopel

“Everything I want, does not exist, so I design and make it myself…”

The above quote is the reason that Truly Sopel exists. Established in 2002, the designer lingerie brand was born from something that I quite simply wanted, but couldn’t find. So I grabbed my needle and thread and here I am today.

Truly Sopel provided me with the dream wardrobe I had always wanted. After all, fashion is one of the most important ways of expressing yourself. 

My journey has seen me from self-taught beginnings. From avidly sewing in my bedroom, to training professionally at the London College of Fashion.

My imagination creates the designs, while my skill brings you the product. After setting up my market stall on London’s Portobello Road in the Summer of 2002, I have never looked back.

My designer lingerie products were inspired by the Sindy Doll outfits I had spent years swooning over as a child. Things like tailored coats, ruched dresses and matching knickers.

After moving away from London in 2006, I opened my boudoir designer lingerie boutique and studio in Frome, perched upon the famous cobbles of St Catherine’s. 

My namesake, my business and my passion, Truly Sopel has also allowed me to experiment with my never-ending adoration of colours and their combinations, alongside patterns and printed designs. 

I’m never afraid to use colour, embracing a mix and match style that my customers love. 

Colours seem to be avoided in the world of lingerie. I aim to do the opposite, dreaming up boudoir fashion that looks stylish during any time of the day, all the year around. 


From the moment you step inside the Truly Sopel designer lingerie boutique, you’ll be immersed in 1970s fashion, with a dash of ‘granny chic’ and a whole dose of ‘doll’. Long story short, it’s where grandmothers’ and granddaughters’ wardrobes unite.

My collections are heavily influenced by the style and colours of childhood themes, wrapping you up in nostalgia, with an eclectic creativity that is impossible to ignore. 

My products are an opportunity to indulge in something different. As soon as you slip them on, you instantly feel uplifted, comfortable and most importantly, confident.

From the fabrics to the shapes, my garments are thoughtfully made with you in mind. They’re made to live in, lounge in, and feel amazing in! We’re all about loving our bodies here. 

“Remember, Truly Sopel girls have a truly good time…”

I couldn’t be prouder to have dressed loyal customers from far and wide. This everyday boudoir-chic-style is completely hand-made in England, offering a true British designer lingerie shopping experience. 

Each and every boudoir item has been carefully designed and created by me, ready for fun, assured and vivacious women to wear with pride. 

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