Truly’s latest designs and capsule ranges, her inspiration and influences.

Truly Knickers


Cute and comfy cotton knickers, inspired by the frivolous fun of the boudoir.

Try our classic dreamers style; based on a traditional bikini brief with medium rise and gusset.

lingerie collection boudoir knickers panties
lingerie collections floral handmade knickers

This lingerie collection is super pretty and feminine in our colourful range of prints. Lightly ruched with soft elastic, they really are a
dream to wear. We decorate each knicker with satin bows and Appliques.


Days of the Week

Lingerie & Lounge

This lingerie range is inspired by the popular fortune-telling song Monday’s Child, which supposedly reveals your character and future luck from your birth day.

A rhyme Truly has memorised since childhood – from learning the days of the week, to remembering each day of the week!

Lingerie collection days of the week knickers
lingerie collection days of the week designs

The printed pictorial florals are designed in-house and influenced by flower stencil art from the 1970s, exploring Truly’s love of nature drawing and print.


A Girl for All Seasons

Inspired by Truly’s ‘slow fashion’ approach to design. This loungewear and lingerie collection features trans-seasonal styles with an in-season identity.

Garments made to live and lounge in, all made in organic cottons; brushed, knitted and finely woven.

lingerie collection Spring Sweater Dress
lingerie collection seasons knickers

The printed pictorial florals are designed in-house and influenced by flower stencil art from the 1970’s, exploring Truly’s love of nature and drawing.




Inspired by Truly’s love affair with lace which began in 1994 when as a teenager she befriended 84-year-old Marianne, a local lace-maker who patiently taught Truly the intricate art of creating this traditional
style textile, the old fashioned way, with bobbins and threads.

lingerie collection - black lace cami top
lingerie collection - lovelace cami top

The laces used in this range are sheer and delicate with soft stretch, featuring openwork patterns and scalloped edging. All sourced in London where they are machine knitted.

Camisoles are designed to style in a mix and match fashion with the rest of the collection and your existing wardrobe.


by baby ellen

Greeting cards & apparel

Inspired by original cloth pictures created by baby ellen, who for many years has been making spontaneous style textile based gifts, for her cat-loving sister, Truly.

colourful cats
colourful cats


Truly sopel at her lingerie shop in frome

“Everything I want doesn’t exist, so I design and make it myself.


From self-taught beginnings making clothes from her bedroom to training as a tailor at the London College of Fashion, Truly has always turned her imagination into reality using her love of garment and fabric.

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Here the collection is designed, made and showcased in this very exciting space which Truly describes as her “boudoir-style boutique – where all my dreams come to life”.

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