From self taught beginnings making clothes from her bedroom, to training as a tailor at the London College of Fashion, Truly has always turned her imagination into reality using her love of garment and fabric.

Passionate for her ideas to be seen, Truly took the leap by delighting in her very own stall- launching her eponymous women’s fashion label at London’s Portobello Market in Summer 2004. The collection featuring tailored coats and jackets with ruched tops, tunics and dresses, all inspired by the Sindy doll outfits she loved so much as a child.
Truly went on to sell her wares at Camden, Spitalfields and Islington markets before setting up her first shop in 2006. Situated in her hometown of Frome on picturesque Catherine Hill, it really was a dream come true.
A move of premises in 2016 saw the opening of a new store, just down the hill to nearby 14 Stony Street- showcasing Truly Sopel’s whole fashion range and which also houses her design room.


The Truly Sopel look reflects a touch of seventies teenager with a hint of Mrs Slocombe- it’s where Nana’s and Grand-daughter’s wardrobes unite. Each collection vibrantly influenced by the clothes and colours of childhood.
The feel is kept distinctly modern and comfortable, clothes made to live in, be daringly different in, casually.
The style is colourful and creative, a mode destined to mix and match.

Expanding the collection each season, maintaining a “fashion is fun” identity, Truly Sopel is attracting girls, men and women from far and wide.

The brand today is recognised as an evolving fashion house with growing popularity in bedwear for both men and women; the most recent additions being cotton boxer shorts and sleepsets.
Impressively the brand can proudly say that every garment is made in England, notably in London factories- offering a true British designer shopping experience.

“Fashion, fun, style, design. Remember, Truly Sopel girls have a truly good time.”- Truly Sopel