Truly’s Designer Life Series | Part 3

Sep 12, 2023 | Frome life, Our Boutique, Our Customers

PART 3 | Stepping into my lingerie focused boutique & playing undress up

Welcome back to the Truly Sopel blog!

Today I’m tackling a topic that many customers come to me with – choosing the right handmade lingerie!

Everyone is different – from body shape to confidence levels, to personal style.

This is why not everyone enjoys shopping at traditional high-street brands, where fabrics and designs are often limited. 

This can quickly make the lingerie shopping experience daunting, uncomfortable and somewhat disheartening.

I am an expert when it comes to creating confidence-focused boudoir lingerie. I’m offering you my top tips for feeling fabulous and comfortable in underwear that is right for YOU! 

“Creative, colourful and fun. Designed and made from sketch to stitch, by Truly…”

My Frome boutique is a sanctuary. My customers often refer to the studio as a ‘safe place’ and it really is my mission to ensure it always feels welcoming.

I encourage each and every customer that walks through the door to peruse the collections at their leisure. You have plenty of time to get to grips with all the handmade lingerie, underwear and loungewear that I have to offer at the boutique.

I love nothing more than explaining the inspiration behind each handmade garment or collection. 

My customers love playing ‘un-dress up’ and trying different items on, feeling the fabric and seeing how the style fits. This is something I love being a part of while offering my expertise. It’s really important to try items on, i don’t measure people as i believe trying each garment on is the only way to truly experience how something will look on you and know how it makes you feel.

Customers always value hearing my true opinion on the style and fit. I can also make small alterations to make the perfect fit on many items.

As the designer, I find it incredibly useful to meet you so I can see how each garment fits individuals differently. Finding the right style and shape for each customer is hugely important, and helps me in the design process in future collections, while comfort is always key.

I’ll carefully listen to your needs, evolving the collection to accommodate every single person who steps into the my boutique. 

There is something incredibly special and rewarding about seeing your positive reactions, stories and experiences; from wearing items from my collection to exploring the garments I’ve carefully sourced with you in mind.  And nothing is more rewarding than when you leave my store smiling.

The customers I write about below have nearly eighty years between them, visiting my store for bra fittings on seperate occasions…

Earlier this week a lovely lady came in aged 91 who hadn’t worn a bra for 21 years as she found them uncomfortable in her later life. Understandably she felt daunted by lingerie shopping but was recommended to come in by her granddaughter.

She was looking for a pretty cotton soft bra, no wires or pads but one which offered support. Her granddaughter had mentioned how delighted her own teenage daughter had been with a bra of this style, purchased here the previous month, that she herself decided to pop in after years without wearing one.

The lady smiled when i settled her in on the comfortable chair in the changing room and presented her with a front fastening bra, made from soft cotton with no wires or padding, and with wide supportive straps. We established the right size for her by eye and through trying on. We had a giggle and she was so pleased and relieved to find the bra worked for her that she decided to keep it on. And after 21 years of not wearing a bra, i can see why.

I remember the elderly lady’s great-grandaughter coming in along with her mother, the young teen was shy and unsure but then relaxed and happy to find something that felt comfortable and looked great. So to then fit her very own great-grandmother with the exact same bra and seeing the same experience lift her spirits and support her bosom was so rewarding, and is ultimately why i love my job.

So I’m very proud to say my “dash of granny chic and a whole dose of doll” style literally IS where grandmothers’ and granddaughters’ wardrobes unite – all in my shop in Frome.

And as always i conclude that ‘Fashion should be fun’ – especially when it comes to handmade lingerie! Use your underwear shopping as a chance to explore styles, textures and colours and of course gain confidence.

I see it as a form of escapism, an everlasting pyjama party where you can be playful, feminine and confident – for yourselves! 

“Timeless, comfortable and confident under-clothing for all ages…”

I also stock items which have been thoughtfully sourced and curated to ensure they effortlessly complement the collection.

We welcome you to pop along to the lingerie shop in Frome and browse through my various collections that grace the rails – it’s time to find the perfect underwear for you!  Or if you are further afield, you can do all your handmade lingerie shopping online.

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