A cute Cats Protection story with a cute ending…

Aug 17, 2018 | Frome life

As featured in the Frome Times. WOW!

Have ‘U2’ met before? Bono the cat and the ‘tail’ of two owners

TWO women who work next door to each other in Frome have discovered a surprising connection – a 15-year old cat called Bono!

Six years ago, Frome resident and owner of fashion shop ‘Truly Sopel’ on Stony Street, Truly Sopel, adopted Bono the cat when he was nine-years old from Cats Protection in Radstock. “He looked magnificent on the Cats Protection website and seeing him in all his fluffy glory – I simply had to adopt him,” said Truly. “I kept his original name as he purrs when you call him.”

Bono’s Cat Protection Photo

With the first nine years of Bono’s life a mystery to Truly, it wasn’t until she met Lucy Preston, who this year started work in Ramshack Barbers next door to her shop, did Truly start to unravel the secret of Bono’s past.

“Lucy and I often chat outside the shop on our lunch breaks but it wasn’t until Lucy looked at my Instagram account that she made the cat connection.

“She spotted several photos of Bono – and realised it was the same cat that belonged to her partner Ryan Greenwood and mother-in-law Nicola Greenwood, who they had from a kitten in Midsomer Norton where they all lived together.

“Mrs Greenwood cared for Bono from a kitten but after nine years had to put Bono into the care of Cats Protection because of a change of living circumstance, which sadly meant she could no longer keep him.”

About the unexpected reunion, Lucy said, “We all miss Bono so much, I couldn’t believe it when I saw his fluffy face on Truly’s Instagram page. When I told my mother-in-law, she cried with joy.”

Truly added, “I’ve always wondered about his past and now I can find out. I’m hoping Mrs Greenwood will show me photos of Bono when he was a kitten.”

Truly, Bono & Lucy