Pyjama Party

Aug 15, 2017 | Frome life, Our Boutique, Truly's Fun Events

Our next Pyjama Party is on Friday 18th August, 5.30pm till bedtime in our dreamy shop at no. 14 Stony Street, Frome.
Our fun Pj parties are enjoyed by children, teens and adults. Come along and sip milkshakes or babycham. Have your hair crimped and try on our many wigs. We’ll be serving candyfloss too.
Great music will be playing along with some special offers on our fashion range.
Tell your friends and join us.
FREE event!

So how did it all start?

Our pyjama parties started when Truly wanted to create some fun in the evenings in her boudoir style shop in Frome; the perfect venue to chat, play music and eat sweet things…all in your pj’s.

We hold them four times a year in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. People come along wearing all sorts; fleecy onesies, traditional pyjamas, dressing gowns and robes. Others arrive clutching teddy bears or wearing slippers. It’s not essential to wear your pj’s but it certainly is more fun. Anyway, if you decide to come in your normal day clothes and then change your mind, you can play dress up from our rails of nighties, gowns, fluffy slippers and jackets.

With a love of crimped hair, Truly has the crimping tongs at the ready to transform your look into a 1980’s pop star or a modern bohemian princess. You can then try on the many tiaras we stock and have a photo taken.

Come along early, bring your children for a hair crimp and milkshake before their bedtime.

Our top window model Aurora St Clare also allows us to try on her wigs which is always fun too.

This summers pj party will be especially fun as we will be whipping up colourful cotton candy from our very own candy floss machine, arriving today! We’ll be mixing up the sugar colours this week so let us know which you fancy the most; blue, green, yellow, or pink perhaps? Sooo excited about this… eeek!

We really hope you can make it.

Remember, Truly Sopel girls have a truly good time xx