Washing Line Selfie Challenge

Aug 2, 2017 | Our Customers, Undie World

We love it when customers send in photos of themselves in Truly Sopel fashion. We do notice however, that when it comes to underwear selfies, it can be more difficult shall we say. So, we have come up with a fun idea for all! Share your Truly Sopel washing line pics with us and we’ll post them here on our blog and on our social media pages too. Yes, we would like you to snap pics of your Truly Knickers and PONTZ boxershorts when they’re out on the line. It’s the new selfie!

‘Ok, so I’ll go first’ says Truly’ After all, I do keep a lot of my own creations and very much enjoy laundry days; from watching my smalls go round in the machine to hanging out my clothes in a complete colour-clash fashion (perfectly pegged of course). In this photo there are a few pairs of Truly Knickers with matching babydolls and two of my favourite nighties that double up as day-dresses.’

And just in; a couple of fantastic washing line photos sent in from our wonderful customers Caroline and Jon who live in nearby Westbury. Jon loves his PONTZ boxers and has every pair in the range. Caroline his wife, has been shopping with us since 2006, when Truly opened her first fashion boutique in Frome. Caroline enjoys colourful and comfortable clothes and always looks stylish in Truly Sopel fashion.

We really love these pics, especially with the ‘his and her’ theme, and all that colour. Their neighbours must have serious washing line envy.

What a fabulous photo sent in by Jamie Bowden, in Burgundy. His Bright Bloom boxer shorts look the part on his magnificent boat Moonshadow. I’m sure Mr Bowden purchased our ‘Magnificent’ size too 🙂

The pic below was emailed in by Vern, all the way from Gozo, Malta. Doesn’t his pair of Chef Check PONTZ look jolly, drying in the sea breeze. Thanks Vern!

We hope these washing line selfies have inspired you to send in a pic or two. (Indoor clothes drying system’s are snap worthy too)

It’s really up to you, get creative and have fun!