Jul 21, 2017 | Design Room, Frome life, Our Boutique

“I am very driven by colour and pattern, and it’s often the first glimpse of a fabric that is the initial step to it being envisaged into a particular design and then made up into a garment.” Truly Sopel

So, how does one of Truly’s fashion ideas make it into the collection and onto the shop floor?

Season to season, selected styles continue and some we resurrect from previous collections. We also get to the drawing board to introduce new shapes to complete the next range. There’s always a lot of ideas flying around, so it’s a hard task to stay focused, getting the collection just right so it works together as a whole, where garments can successfully be mixed and matched to create unique looks.

Where do ideas come from?

Well, at Truly Sopel inspiration and ideas are constant. Ideas can, and do come from anywhere and everywhere. This season for example, we’ve taken colour inspiration from the 1930’s, in particular from the fabrics found in fashion and the home, think muted tones of sienna, green, blue and pink, which are especially prominent. Mixed with inspirational style trends and shapes from the late 1960’s, we’ve creating an altogether different look- which is pretty and feminine, with simplicity in tailoring, and kooky details in hand finishing.

After the initial drawing of a design, a paper pattern is drafted. We use this as a template which is made up to be tried and tested in fabric. Often the pattern has to be altered several times to achieve the desired garment shape and fit.
“Fit is of the utmost importance, the process of 2d to 3d being the most creative of all” says Truly.
Once a garment sample is perfected, it’s decided how many sizes to create. The grading process is meticulously done in house. It’s not Trulys favourite job but “one size garments are not enough” she insists.
Once size sets are complete, fabrics samples are pulled together and prototypes are perfect, it’s time to get things into production.
We currently have garments manufactured in two fantastic London based factories who Truly has been working with for over 10 years now.
“This really is the exciting part, where designs come to life -in (limited edition) bulk”.
Some items are still made in the studio area in the shop, as much as can be achieved! But as the company grows it’s crucial that we use manufacturers to produce amounts for us. It’s also a pleasure to use UK factories; we find the finish of a very high standard, and can easily sort problems as they occur, by simply hopping on the train or the ever convenient Berry’s Coach service. Most importantly we can continue to label our brand as ‘Made in Britain.’

More about fabrics…

Fabrics are sourced from the UK and Europe with some of the underwear cottons coming from the US. Material is bought already on a roll and others are created from working with UK fabric designers.
This seasons fabrics are all about traditional checks and English florals, so expect to see gingham pvc raincoats and cotton checkered knickers and tunics, alongside flowery tailored coats and jackets in summer weight wools, brocades and viscose. Truly is a big fan of cotton; for its comfort & crisp finish and so cotton features heavily in all of the ranges.

We keep each seasons styles modern in fit but details are distinctly 60’s with the frills of the 80’s often making an appearance.
Whatever the inspiration for each season, the theme of childhood runs through our designs time after time, which you see through our enticing use of colour combinations and carefully sourced trimmings; perspex buttons, bows, embroidered applique and traditional handfinish techniques, which all add to Truly’s signature style.

Our full ready to wear collection is available in store at 14 Stony Street and limited editions can be bought online.

Take a look, and if you like, please share.

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