Truly’s Tips – Twice Around the Wrist…

Mar 14, 2017 | Truly's Tips

Shopping can be a nightmare, especially when you are tight on time. It’s during these times that I remember an old tip from when I was studying pattern cutting at Martin Shoben school of Fashion. It goes…twice around the wrist is once around the neck, and twice around the neck is once around waist. It works for skirts, shorts and trousers! To prove it, I tried it with our Dark Rose Puff Skirt which comes in sizes 8-16.


Step One
You take your garment, and hold it by the waist band – so the product is flat.






Step two

 You may think you will look like a wally, but it’s a perfect way to check if it will fit. Wrap the waist band round your neck….see? Twice around the neck….






Step Three

Once around your waist! If the edges met around your neck, then it will be a perfect fit around your waist. Ta-da!








I really do love the simplicity of shopping. Let me know how you get on by using #trulystips


T x