PONTZ boxer shorts for SS/17

Feb 10, 2017 | Undie World

‘Catering to all proclivities’


PONTZ boxershorts have arrived. Yes boys, something for you! Traditional in cut and style with bold branding and made in bright 100% cotton prints, these are undies you’ll be proud to greet the postman in. Designed and handcrafted in England they have an elasticated waist and feature a one piece seamless back for an extra comfy fit.

We are so excited to be finally offering something for men. “Me, designing menswear?! Well it was always going to be boxer shorts wasn’t it” says Truly

At Truly Sopel and Truly Knickers we like to size things differently. So, of course PONTZ automatically received the same treatment. Small, Medium, Large etc etc…we don’t like it either. How about ‘Neat and Tidy’, ‘Happy Medium’, ‘Emperor’ and ‘Magnificent’. Sound better? Yes we think so too.

For our first capsule collection we have introduced a traditional boxer design in seven bold cotton prints. Choose from crisp navy and white ‘Chef Check’, black and grey floral ‘Sprigs’, small flowers on a soft turquoise ‘Daisy Gingham’, old skool ‘Yellow Gingham’, ‘Bright Bloom’ for those big personalities, classic ‘Candy Stripe’ and finally pinks and greens make up our wonderful ‘English Garden’ print.

PONTZ are available here on the site and at our shop: No. 14 Stony Street, Frome, Somerset.