Jul 30, 2015 | Undie World

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… a delightfully interesting blog from Amber aka Angelica, a girl after my own heart- an animal lover, a warrior, who like us at Truly Sopel likes our Truly Knickers Animals range. Here’s what she has to say about a subject dear to my heart and is especially fitting in light of this weeks events with the hunting of one very special lion who died too soon. Truly X

What makes a warrior? In the olden days it was how hard you could hit another person with an axe. Today it is how brave you are, and how tirelessly you work to achieve your goal, whether this be defeating a personal difficulty, or seeing how many Maltesers you can fit in your mouth, we have made it relative. Which is why we must consider, if you are wearing a pair of animal print knickers, are you a warrior for animals? We usually associate animal activists as hardened protesters, the vegan shouting for the animal who has no voice, or those few who have the incredible opportunity to work on a conservation site for endangered animals.WWF, the tireless campaigner for endangered animals has made a huge impact on the numbers of many near extinct animals, raising money, and expertise on conservation work. They, it is safe to say, are animal warriors. But can I be an animal warrior from the comfort of my arm chair? I think so. Yes we can help to raise money by adopting a panda, but we could also talk about these animals, keep them from going extinct from the public’s consciousness. Truly Sopel, instead of sitting in front of the TV, has done this from behind her sewing machine by making frilly knickers. Not just any frilly knickers, but animal print ones. Her cats, from the fluffy moggy, through to the tiger and lion keep us remembering these animals, keeping them away from extinction in the public sphere. These knickers are not just adorable in themselves, but also transform us into an animal activist through association. My wolf nighty made by Truly, and so named, reminds me of the plight and heavy conservation work for wild wolves in America, they remind me that we need more continuity between humans and animals, because we do share this world with them, it’s not just ours. Truly’s range of animal wear represent the animals most dear to her, each depicting a creature that does need our help, and need to remain in the public’s consciousness or they will go extinct. One thing I do advise, when you buy a panda pant, or a cheetah crop top, look on the WWF website and understand what these animals are going through, feel the outrage, adopt, and become an animal warrior in your own right.


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