Mont Blanc to Modelling

Nov 25, 2014 | Frome life

Salut! I’m Aurora, top model for Truly Sopel and also blogger for Truly Knickers, our new exciting venture. I’m so looking forward to sharing our news with you and chatting about styles and top trends. We have a very busy summer lined up so its looks like you’ll be hearing from me a lot…should be fun!

Well, here’s a little bit about me and my journey into the glam modelling world which changed my life overnight. It was just two years ago whilst working in my home town of Chamonix as a chalet girl, when I was spotted by Truly’s friend Chris Ingham (owner of the Ten80 Holidays co.).

And with a quick photo taken of me and emailed over to London, I was popped on a plane to my destiny….I couldn’t believe it….all of my dreams come true ♥

PS. If you ever fancy visiting my beautiful home town in France for a walking or Ski holiday then you simply must check out